Call for presentations

Presentations Overview

The Assembly will consist of two tracks. A clergy track will be presented on Thursday and Friday, November 2nd and 3rd. A laity tract will occur from Friday to Sunday, November 3rd to 5th. This gathering aims to increase the appreciation of the Byzantine Ruthenian Church’s history (both in the “Old Country” and the United States) and Byzantine Ruthenian art and culture. The second target of the assembly is to learn about the best practices occurring in our parishes today, which are contributing to the growth of our communities, with the hope that the attendees will incorporate this information into their parish activities. Developing concrete steps to ensure the future and development of our Church is the third objective of the Assembly. The synodal meetings revealed these three topics to be the most important to those participating in the process.

The assembly committee seeks proposals from individuals or teams, bother clerical, and lay for presentations to discover the best practices utilized in our parishes throughout the United States. The presentations may be based on personal experience or academic research.  The ideal would be a combination of the two.  The Eparch of the presenter will be contacted to receive his nihil obstat. 

There are two primary areas for exploration:

Where we are – these sessions will explore the present conditions of our Church, both good and bad – looking at its development and growth over time.  How have we grown, and how have we changed.  Where we have developed, where have we fallen short, and what have we learned from these experiences. Evangelization and the different approaches that individual parishes have taken for growth will be presented in this section. In these sessions, we will explore the present parish life in our communities by presenting success stories that can be used as examples for other communities to utilize. Best practices will be explored. 

Where are (or where should) we going –in these sessions, presentations will focus on what we should be doing as a Church.  It is an opportunity to present a vision for the future.  This is an opportunity to present the dream of the Byzantine Catholic Church going forward.  What can be done that has not been done?  The conclusion of this section will discuss the steps to utilize the fruits of this gathering to make the dream a reality. 

How to Submit a Presentation

The committee will contact you to discuss or clarify your proposal if necessary.

Themes and Ideas for Topics


May 1 Requests for presentations out

June 1 Application deadline - Videos and support materials received

June 15 Committee reviews submissions

June 20 Presenters Notified

July 1 Assembly Scheduled Announced and major promotion begins 

Presenter compensation

Presenters will receive a stipend of $250.00, and their Assembly registration will be covered.

Have Any Questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact Fr. Ed Cimbala at 212-677-0516 or if you have any questions or need additional information to aid you in formulating your proposal.